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Started in 2007, the Arte em Cena project was created to give gifted teenagers the opportunity to get involved in theater arts. The project has been promoting performing arts by staging and presenting plays.

The beneficiaries are young students who have already turned 14, as well as older teens. In addition to disseminating theater arts, the project helps these young actors to gain insight into this profession and contributes to create a public for theater productions

The Arte Educação project has been developed by Fundação Jaime Câmara since November, 2000, and consists in providing educational support in the form of art education. These activities complement the traditional academic education found in public schools and is offered free of charge to 6 to 14-year old students during their off-school time.

The activities developed during this program are geared towards valuing the students’ skills and aptitudes by using artistic and pedagogical languages. The goal is not to train artists, but to prepare these young minds to exercise their right as citizens, improve their critical thinking process in the realm of arts and culture, and to provide daily pedagogical support to those students who are having problems reading and writing, so they can improve their academic performance.

This project is a joint effort of the Department of Education of the City of Goiânia and the State Department of Education, which provide teachers who complement the work done by the project professional staff; and the Archdiocese of Goiânia, which contributes with the physical space necessary to carry out the project's activities.

“Ação Ribeirinha” is a social project that has been developed by Fundação Jaime Câmara in the city of Aruanã, State of Goiás, since 1999. Volunteers help members of the community to increase their citizenship awareness, and take part in health, education, cultural and leisure activities, which result in many benefits to the local population.

The Boa Visão project, developed by Fundação Jaime Câmara since November 1995 seeks to meet the eye care needs of the student population of Goiânia. The goal is to provide prevention and treatment to visual impairments, so as to correct the vision of the affected individuals and thus prevent blindness. The idea behind these actions is to improve the students' performance in school.

Boa Visão consists in medical and ophthalmological treatment. The appointments are held in a mobile unit with two fully-equipped offices. This way, treatment is offered where it is most needed so as to ensure that the patients seen by the doctors receive the glasses they need and are referred to the appropriate professional and treated for ophthalmological diseases that may have been diagnosed. When necessary, they are sent to the Reference Center in Ophthalmology for surgery.

Corpo de Baile and Vozes are projects that Fundação Jaime Câmara has been developing since 2009. Its target population is in the 8 to 16 age bracket. The project consists in improving dance technique and aesthetics, and teaching music by offering workshops in classical ballet, modern and contemporary dancing and jazz, as well as workshops in vocal techniques for choir singing.

Vozes is another Fundação Jaime Câmara project that has been in existence since 2009, whose goal is to help the 8 to 16 year old student population. It consists in workshops aimed at improving vocal techniques.


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