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Rede Anhanguera is comprised of 11 television stations - 8 in Goiás and 3 in Tocantins. They are all part of Rede Globo, and are leaders in their markets. They are committed to use state-of-the-art technology to offer information, news and entertainment to their audience, with ethics and responsibility, so as to meet the viewers’ demands and expectations, all the while encouraging sports, cultural and popular manifestations. In addition to shows from the Rede Globo program grid, Rede Anhanguera contributes to regional development by broadcasting local productions: Bom Dia Goiás, Bom Dia Tocantins, Jornal Anhanguera 1ª edição, Jornal Anhanguera 2ª edição, Frutos da Terra and Jornal do Campo, as well as Globo Esporte. Rede Anhanguera has recently implemented a veritable technological revolution, the result of significant investments, to offer its audience the best in terms of content, sound and image quality. In 2008, a TV Anhanguera Goiânia became the first Rede Globo affiliate station to use digital technology. A year later, the entire journalistic production became digital. In June of 2010, the Rede Anhanguera HD Production Mobile Unit started to cover sports, cultural, as well as general interest events. Currently, there are 5 stations already using HD technology.

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