The Grupo Jaime Câmara radio system comprises 8 radio stations located in Goiás, Tocantins and Brasília.

In the Goiás Unit, the main change seen in the scope of the work done by the stations was the fact that the AM broadcasting station CBN Goiânia started broadcasting in FM. Radio Daqui was then created to occupy the vacant AM broadcasting bandwidth. At the Tocantins Unit, CBN Tocantins aired its shows for the first time.

The radio stations that are part of the group cater to different segments and provide quality information, music, culture and entertainment to the local communities.

Radio Executiva Goiânia is synonymous with quality. The daily broadcasts include the best in music, culture and entertainment for a demanding public. It has been the leading station in the adult-contemporary segment for more than 20 years.

The Rádio Executiva Brasília is geared towards the contemporary adult industry and offers quality, rich in variety and musical styles, always in tune with the news of the Brazilian and world music market playlist.

A member of the Rede CBN in Goiânia and Tocantins, CBN radio broadcasts news 24 hours a day. The radio station is known for its unbiased positions and credibility. It occupies a prestigious place in radio history in Brazil and is a respected source of information throughout the country.

Always seeking to take the best in entertainment to its many listeners, the Araguaia radio station is present in Araguaína and Gurupi, in the State of Tocantins and in Aragarças, Goiás. Quality music, a wide variety of shows and information with credibility are its hallmarks. Known for its positive outlook, the goal of Araguaia FM is to make its listeners happy.

The audio platform of Jornal Daqui, Radio Daqui caters to the low-income segments of society and the program grid plays only Brazilian music. Informing, raising awareness, entertaining, giving away prizes, and making life happier are some of the goals of this radio station and its core value is to respect the listener.


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