Media Opportunities

Throughout all these years Grupo Jaime Câmara has established a very close relationship with the communities where it is located. This relationship gave rise to projects and events that bring together public interest and media opportunities. The event calendar for 2013 includes 15 sports, business and scientific events, in addition to exhibits and fairs. They are showcases for cultural and leisure activities and for great opportunities for advancing knowledge.


Actions that brings results

The projects developed by GJC are robust, sustainable and can be adapted by the different regions where they take place. They are designed on the basis of surveys that determine the target audience whose potential is known to be consolidated. They deal with current topics and open many possibilities for strategic partnerships. As a result, these projects reflect the care that went into them: they bring to the public the best in each area, by using an approach which is both organized and professional and integrated to the creative and innovative personality of the GJC companies. They include relevant content that surpass their commercial results and are examples of how to improve peoples’ lives.

This ecological hike is a unique challenge for 25 heroes who walk 310 km in five days, the distance that separates the cities of Goiânia e Aruanã, and whose aim is to raise the public awareness towards the environment

The forum, held in the State of Tocantins, is a permanent event whose goal is to raise public awareness on the importance of preserving our water resources.

An international forum centered on agribusiness. It is a joint initiative of the GJC and the Federação da Agricultura e Pecuária de Goiás (Faeg) whose goal is to analyze the Brazilian and the international agribusiness scenario.

This nighttime race is attractive and colorful and give the runners the opportunity to take a tour of the city and learn more about the rich culture and the history of Goiânia.

One of the largest in Brazil. The idea is to raise the public awareness towards the environment all the while giving the participants a chance to enjoy and learn more about the Brazilian Savanna.

A special event that caters to women. This fun race is a great opportunity for leisure and for learning how to improve quality of life.

Organizers of this marathon encourage the participation of men and women of all ages. This half marathon provides participants with the opportunity to exercise and to get together while celebrating the anniversary of the State capital.

One of the largest events of its kind in Brazil on education. This conference is held in the cities of Goiânia and Palmas. Professionals from every State in the country come to speak on relevant topics in the area of education and to discuss and propose new strategies and solutions for the educational system in Brazilian.

This real estate fair offers visitors and comprehensive infrastructure to learn about the newest and largest real estate developments in the greater Goiânia.

The largest fashion fair and exhibit in Goiás. Held twice a year, it is open to the public and brings the latest trends in clothing and accessories.

Acknowledged as the most comprehensive recognition of market share acquisition in the State, Pop List is a project of O Popular held in Goiânia (GO), Palmas (TO) and Rio Verde (GO). It showcases leading brands and their marketing strategies.

A great opportunity for those who are making a difference and contributing to the development of the States of Goiás and Tocantins in the different sectors, such as the economy, health, education, culture, infrastructure, sports and leisure.

Present in 45 countries, Great Place to Work is the most reliable and specialized survey on the best corporate environment in Brazil. In the Brazilian midwest, in a joint initiative with O Popular, it promotes and recognizes the Best Companies to Work for with an Award.

Every year, O Popular and Jornal do Tocantins, the leading newspapers in Goiás and Tocantins recognize companies that are leaders in their sectors as indicated by their Service Tax payments. Their play an important role in the economy and make it possible for municipal governments to bring benefits to the population with public investments in schools, day-care centers, gyms and clinics, as well as road paving among other improvements.

The 'Palmas Minha Cidade' project started with a partnership between Jornal do Tocantins and the City Government of Palmas. The goal was to seek a sustainable future the State capital and the neighboring cities. Seven forums are held between April and November. The area is divided into micro regions and the project involves representative members of the local community, students, businessmen and specialists. The goal is to detect opportunities and find solutions for the problems found in each region. On the occasion of each forum Jornal do Tocantins publishes a Special Feature Section with minutes of the discussions and progress made. It also calls attention to an awareness campaign whose goal is to get the population involved in appreciating the city where they live.

Original and irreverent, this unique event showcases the challenges that the participating women have to face.

The Mountain Bike GP Goiás counts on the participation of athletes from 12 States in Brazil. It is the largest such event in the Brazilian midwest bringing together more than 300 competitors. They ride through the scenic routes of Pirenópolis, a tourist attraction located between Brasília and Goiânia.

Is performed by Radio Daqui, with the purpose of bring fun, culture and entertainment to strategic spots of Goiânia. The project takes place in crowded neighborhoods of Goiânia.

Consolidated project for the audience of Radio Executiva FM. Offers to the listener the opportunity to enjoy live the music style played on the radio.

The goal of the Doe Sorrisos project is to promote children's rights, by helping to provide them with their basic necessities and contributing to their development as human beings.


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