Capa de Comunicação

Market Dominance

The GJC communication vehicles reach out to a large audience: one insertion in each of these vehicles will reach 93% of the individuals above the age of 10 in Goiás.
Ipsos Source: Estudos Marplan EGM – January at December/2012. The greater Goiânia. Base AS, 10+ years (1.767.000 individuals).

The GJC communication vehicles are leaders in their markets. Audience rates and certified by reputable Brazilian institutions such as the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics (Ibope), Ipsos Marplan/EGM and the Instituto Verificador de Circulação (IVC).

The GJC communication vehicles are proud of their journalistic independence in producing newscasts and their goal is to meet the information needs of a demanding public. The content offered by the Group has earned public credibility and brings high quality information and entertainment to the public.


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