About us


Excellence, energy and credibility


The energy, global vision and its key role in promoting the development of its business and of society, won Grupo Jaime câmarathe honor of being the only group in Latin America included in the 100 global growth companies named by the World Economic Forum*.

Comprised of 24 communication vehicles, with offices in the State of Goiás and Tocantins, as well as in the Brazilian Federal District, the Group has one of the largest cross media platforms in Brazil. It is an independent news provider strivings to offer credible and relevant information, cultural and leisure opportunities.

Credibility is one of the core concepts of the Group, along with innovation, and the company places enormous value on individuals. The Group runs companies that occupy a position of leadership in their segments. They are encouraged to operate in close contact with the communities, and serve as a tool which will foster development.

* An independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.



Connection to the world

By mastering radio, tv and newspaper technology throughout many decades, Grupo Jaime Câmara consolidated its cross media Operations by including the internet.  Aware of demands made by the public, the vehicles of communication that make up Grupo Jaime Câmara are the interface that allow people to experience access to live content by means of a vast range of devices, such as tablets, smart phones and PCs. The amount and range of devices that are connected is only limited by the amount and diversity of individuals using them and the content which is made available.


24 x 7

Grupo Jaime Câmara provides information and entertainment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, where and as demanded by its target public. Therefore, it is a leader in different media segments and known as the most important communication complex in the central and northern regions of Brazil.



Mobility and convergence

A pioneer in this digital age, GJC makes it very clear that in the future will bring about new solutions and business opportunities whose common characteristics are interactivity, mobility and convergence. However, the company will continue to focus on its assets, represented by its talents and credibility.

Click here for the video on how the new Grupo Jaime Câmara brand was launched